The Coming Great Deception part 1
These are the codes related to the Obelisks
which will be used by Lucifer to create a great deception.
But there is no order so that can be altered.
Rips {Sapphire} is the Lord of the bible codes {found them} will find the obelisk.
The obelisk is an object of heaven hidden in the valley of siddim also known
as the bottom of the world on the Lisan penisula a lime stone point in the dead sea.
On the Jordan side is a place called Mazra it also says they will use a sensor to find it.
The obelisk will be a iron ark or a steel container and inside will be found two statues of Adam & Eve
with thier DNA spiral engraved on the statues. The reference to the codes of Moses would be the key
to the entire bible code to reveal all. The items which have not been found in these codes is the fact
that these are all warnings of a deception by Lucifer which was placed there and planned 5000 years
ago before the flood hid the obelisk created by Lucifer to support his deception in this day and age.
Lucifer's deception is that Aliens seeded the planet years ago which makes the aliens the creator god.
With physical proof ~6000 years old and then staging a landing of aliens on the planet contacting
the Vatican next pope to sanctify the fake aliens as god. And most of all negate our God by
seeming to prove that an alien crashed here years ago and use his DNA to advance man's intelligence.
Human alien on earth by an error buried in a crypt near Mazra.
Code key / Obelisks
Lord of the Code / Rips/sapphire / object of heaven / obelisks
bible code / obelisk / in the valley of siddim
code on obelisk / valley of siddim
code of God / Lisan / this is the solution
he found the exact place, Mazra / Lisan / this is the solution
bottom of the world / Lisan / ancient key
iron ark / Lisan / this is the solution / Mazra
he found the exact place, Lisan / lisan,tongue of sea from the edge
he found the exact place, Lisan / North from lisan, tongue of the sea,from the edge of the Jordan Border
saved in steel / across the sea, on the border of moab (Jordan) / you will see it from there, a tiny tip of it
codes of moses / key / iron vessel
encoder / lisan,tongue of the dead sea, to the north
map of hiding place / map of sensor/ancient key / lisan,tongue of sea / key / key
sensor marked the spot / the lisan
DNA was brought in a vehicle / your seed / in a vehicle your seed
Lisan peninsula / Mazra
code key / obelisks / Mazra / obelisk
genetic code / his gene you will inherit / to advance man
DNA spiral / in adam the model,template
DNA code / bible code
DNA spiral / from a code / ancient key / lisan,tongue of sea / Mazra
DNA code / on obelisk / in adam the template, model
human DNA / obelisk / copy on a pillar
creation of man / Lisan / this is the solution
creation of man / Mazra/seeded / I gave it to you as an inheritance. I am God
alien of Lisan / in a field of Moab, on the top of the hill
alien code / Mazra / detector / key / obelisk
Alien of earth / Mazra / by mistake,in error
human alien / human nearby in the crypt / Lisan
the alien is a man / Lord of the code / mouth of the obelisks
in steel, obelisks / in the image of God he made him,male & female he made them
in steel, obelisks / pillar Lisan,tongue of the sea
in steel, obelisks / pillar Lisan,tongue of the sea / Lord,owner
In the above post you will find the summary & maps generated by these