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Prayer is powerful!

What is it and how can we learn to use it?
These questions have confounded many Christians for years.
We can know a thousand prayer principles,
but that doesn't mean that our prayers will powerful and effective.
Applying what we've been taught won't accomplish satisfactory
prayer unless our heart is really in it and we are doing it in faith.
When men and women pray, tremendous power is made available to them.
There are many levels of prayer. God knows exactly where each of us are in our
prayer life and our knowledge and understanding of prayer.
He will honor even the most pitiful prayer a person offers in faith, if that is all
they know to do. But He will not let us stay at that level. He wants us to
move to greater levels of understanding, faith, and power. God is more
concerned with the quality of our prayer than the quantity. No matter how long we
pray, it is not effectual prayer unless it is a sincere and heartfelt prayer.
God wants us to enjoy praying and know by faith that we have accomplished
something for His kingdom. Our time in prayer should be so important
to us that we won't give up that time with God because we enjoy it so much.

We don't necessarily have the responsibility of praying for the whole world.

God gives us specific things and people that we are responsible to pray for,
making it easier for us to focus and pray fervently. If we all do our part,
the whole world will be covered in prayer.
Just do what God really wants you to do.