Prophecy Worthy of Praise
The Bible Code & Bible Code II
By Michael Drosnin
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My Summary

Michael Drosnin the author of these books is a reporter, formerly at the Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal. He is the author of the New York Times bestseller Citizen Hughes. He lives and works in New York City.
In the Bible Code he gives a full account of what the code is and who discovered it. Which brings us to the Lord of the codes Dr. Eliyahu Rips is a world class Israeli mathematician. Michael also talked with a senior code breaker at the top secret U.S. National Security Agency, who confirmed that there is a code in the Bible that does reveal the future. One of the unusual things in the code was the discovery of possible futures being altered by using the code to forewarn people to alter it. It also included statements like delayed and such giving the possibility of altering it.
The primary code source, is the Torah which was dictated by God to Moses as one long string of letters 304,805 with no spaces. The first letter is connected to the last letter to form a continuous loop. Now when you step through the letters at a regular interval for instance a 10 letter interval.
e o y would be a ten letter interval starting at the 5th.
This allows the codes to have an almost infinite possible combinations.
So as you review the charts please realize it is only showing you a portion
of the actual base chart. If the shift was set to 1000 then each row would have 1000 letters and 304 rows before repeating but not starting at 1 just continuing to wrap around in 1000 letter columns. Now when you look at a flat display of these columns words appear similar to a word search puzzle. Valid words can be vertical, horizontal, or diagonally as well as the reverse directions of each. The ten slides of code proofs are the mathematical odds of the codes appearing and making sense. These proofs were the ones used to validate
the code system and computer programs used to find the codes.

So far this code system only works with the Torah and certain books of the bible and it has to be in the original hebrew text. In this next example notice each shape is used for each phrase found. It is only when the words appear in close proximity to one another that it is considered valid. Each phrase has it's own interval.

Primarily I would recommend these books to everyone, and also caution that they should be read with a skeptical eye. The Torah divinely delivered from God to Moses, in it's pure form of basically one large word with no spaces, has remained intact and un-altered or else the code would not work. The other really odd part in this is Drosnin declaration "I am not religious, and I do not believe in God..." so the writer of all these code sets does not believe in the God who wrote the coded Torah.

The Bible Code II first chapter is "End of Days" and deals with some of the encoded references to the end of days. There is no way to set a definite period of time this refers to, except that it begins several years before the 7 year Great Tribulation, and includes the second coming of Jesus Christ, and right up until the end of the book of the revelations of Jesus Christ, Judgement Day. The phrase "End of Days" does not even occur in the KJV however it does use several similar names each used slightly differently. We have the major differences being the time period in which they were written as possibly different ways of saying the same thing.

Last days - are considered to be referring to the days of the second coming & years just prior
latter days - are considered to be referring to the days of the second coming & years just prior
latter years - is used only once in Ezekiel 38:8 possibly referring to the final battle after the 1000 years of peace. latter times - is used only once in 1Ti 4:1 referring to the days of the second coming & years just prior
Jacob's trouble - is used only once in Jer 30:7 referring to the days of the second coming & years just prior

The list below will allow you to read the verses with these phrases in them (KJV).
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last days
latter days
latter years
latter times
Jacob's trouble
great tribulation

Thus the question are we in the end of days yet ?
Well look at this code table and see what you think.

This makes it abundantly clear that we are living in the end of days.
In Chapters 2,(4,6,8,10,12) Code Key are all dealing with a particularly interesting discovery found in the codes. The embedded links below will display the codes for each reference.
The key to unlocking the bible codes is engraved on an obelisk buried in the valley of Siddim.
Siddim in Hebrew means Lime so we are looking for a valley of lime in the dead sea area. Lisan peninsula is a rock-salt dome covered in lime stone. The dead sea area is the lowest place on earth which is not covered with water truly the bottom of the world. Now it describes these obelisks as stone images of male & female encoded with the key to the bible codes and our DNA, encased in a steel ark ( container or vehicle). The Garden of Lisan before the Lord destroyed Sodom & Gomorrah was like God's own garden. So we have the general area where this key is hidden but where exactly? Answer: Across the sea on the border of Moab (Jordan) you will see it from there a tiny tip of it. Now in Chapter eight Code of Life there is a serious twist to this whole code key thing. DNA was brought here in a vehicle,your seed. DNA spiral in Adam is the model, template, from a code. "The creation of man I gave it to you as an inheritance,I am God". Ok now I am very accepting of everything so far until I get to chapter 10 of book 2 Alien. Here is where I have to be very wary of the codes this man has discovered. I am fairly certain that Satan's great deception will be to have a fallen angel pose as an alien who will claim to have seeded the Earth 6000 years ago and that he is our god, heaven forbid you believe that deception. Well that said here is chapter 10. The alien is a man , lord of the code mouth of the obelisks. And also in chapter 12 we have another odd reference to a time machine, it will come in every time or it might come at any time.

In the search for this key to the bible code, we have found the exact place where it is located. In Jordan under the Lisan peninsula visible from the Jordan coast, which is a war zone at the moment, and is not accessible. Perhaps soon we can get in there, and discover this ancient alien relic, created in heaven to unlock the codes. But will it be too late by then, and Satan's deception will be so strong, that this will end up proof for his deceiving of mankind.

Here is the next prediction to come a smallpox plague killing 14,700 in 2005 some how connected to Arafat.

I will leave you with this code prediction Large Earthquake in LA in 2010.

And my final thoughts are this read these books for yourself and let the spirit guide you to the truth of it all. I will continue with my research. By the way I need to talk with some one fluent in hebrew to help verify that these statements are valid.
May the Lord bless & keep you always in the word.
Jeff (Merlin) Farnsworth