Prophecy Worthy of Praise
The Bible Code & Bible Code II reviews.

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2Ti 2:15
Study to shew thyself approved unto God,
a workman that needeth not to be ashamed,
rightly dividing the word of truth.
After completing reading both books, I reread the second one again, and scanned most of the codes found in the bible. The one part the author did not include, is the exact location in the bible for easier verification.
None the less for the moment, I will accept what he says is actually in the codes.
Column one is mainly from book 1. The 10 pages labeled code proof concern the odds of these codes appearing randomly at 1 in 10 million.
In column 2 & 3 are scans of the codes found
concerning the master key to unlocking the bible codes.
Clicking here or the bottom right will shift
to my summary of all the data I have consumed.

He encoded the Torah, and more
Lord of the code / Rips /
object of heaven / obelisks
Creation of Man / Mazra/seeded
Bible Code / Sealed before God"
Bible code / Obelisk /
in the Valley of Siddim
Smallpox / in 5765/2005 /
the dead in the plague were 14,700
His name is Timothy McVeigh
Map & description of Valley
of Sidd1m - Dead sea
Alien of Lisan /
(north) of the bay at Lisan
Twin Towers / twice / Airplane
it knocked it down
Map and more details
of Lisan & Mazra
Alien Code/ Mazra/ Detector/ Key/ Obelisk
Man on Moon / Spaceship
Bottom of world /
Lisan / Ancient Key
Alien on Earth / Mazra /
by Mistake,in Error
Wright Brothers / Airplane
He found the exact place,Lisan
The Alien is a man/ Lord of the code
/ mouth of the obelisks
Edison / Electricity / Light bulb
Encoder / Lisan,Tongue of
the Dead Sea, to the north
In Steel, Obelisks /
In the image of God he made him
Newton / Gravity
Map of Hiding Place /
Map of sensor/Ancient Key
In steel, Obelisks / Pillar Lisan, tongue of sea
Einstein /
he overturned present reality
Lisan Peninsula / Mazra
Bin Laden / city of refuge /
murderer / captured
Bible Code 10
It exists in the language of man
/ two tables of stone
C.Powell / Chief of the Summit
/ in the end of days
Twin Towers / In the end of days
Garden of Lisan / before the Lord
Destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah,
War of Bush / The evil that will
befall you in the end of days
Code key / Obelisks
I will place the language gene /
I will make intelligent
He found the exact place,Mazra
/ Lisan / This is the solution
Code Proof 01
Birth pangs of language / his
tablet vitalized the obelisk..
He found the exact place,Lisan
/ Lisan,tongue of sea,from the edge
Code Proof 02
Code Key / Obelisks
/ Mazra / Obelisk
Codes of Moses/ Key/ Iron vessel
Code Proof 03
Iron Ark / Lisan / this is
the solution / Mazra
Time Machine / It will come in
every time/It might come at any time
Code Proof 04
Saved in steel / across the sea,
on the border of Maob ( Jordan)
End of Days / in the End of Days
/ Peace
Code Proof 05
Arafat / Plague / The dead
in the plague were 14,700
Details of the Steel Ark 1 of 3
Code Proof 06
DNA was brought in a vehicle
/ your seed /
Details of the Steel Ark 2 of 3
Code Proof 07
Genetic code /
His gene you will inherit
Details of the Steel Ark 3 of 3
Code Proof 08
DNA Spiral / In adam the model,
Chapter 10 Alien 1 of 2
Code Proof 09
DNA Spiral / from a code
/ Ancient Key / Obelisk
Chapter 10 Alien 2 of 2
Code Proof 10
Human DNA / Obelisk /
Copy on a Pillar
Summary of bible code