Jeff's MSN HTML tutor
I created this to help anyone having trouble posting all styles of messages.
Simple background colors and patterns to complex nested tables messages.
As you will see in the listing below you can pick the section you want.
All questions contact Jeff Farnsworth or on
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Table of Contents
1. MSN HTML commands 6. Simple tables 11. Background colors 16. Graphics from this site
2. Colored text & fonts 7. Tables 2 12. Background graphics 17. Future
3. Website links 8. Tables 3 13. Multiple Backgrounds 18. Future
4. Photo Album Use 9. Nested tables 14. Putting it all together 19. Future
5. Mixed Messages 10. Complex tables 15. Fancy messages 20. Future
Hexidecimal Color code chart
Most of the above section is in addition to the normal methods shown below.

In the lower left corner of the reply message is a box. Use HTML to create.
If you click once it checks the box and allows editing of the html code for the message.
If you click it a second time you can see the results of the html code.